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7 Comical Signs You're a Bad Dog Mom (Don't Worry, We've All Been Guilty!)

We've pieced together a cheery assortment of 7 laughable reasons you could be a "bad" dog mom. Don't worry – these little stumbles are common among all of us. Get comfy with your cuddly canine, and let's celebrate the beautifully imperfect journey of dog parenting. Here are 7 signs you're a 'bad' dog mom:

1. Sharing Is Caring... Right? 

You know you shouldn't, but it's impossible to resist those pleading eyes. Your furry baby wants a taste of your (safe) snacks, and who are you to deny them? 

After all, you've cheated on your diet countless times, so why not share the love? 

Just remember that moderation is key, and don't let those irresistible puppy dog eyes sway you every time!

2. Rain, Rain, Go Away 

Sometimes the weather simply doesn't cooperate with your dog's bathroom schedule.

When it's cold, rainy, or you're just too tired, it's tempting to skip the walk. And oh, the guilt! 

We've all been there, but our pups love to brave the elements, and they never seem to mind the weather.

3. Two Care-Free Peas in a Pod 

You're laid back, just like your furry companion. Dogs are known for their carefree nature, and it's contagious! 

You might find yourself letting them do what they want a little too often.

While this relaxed attitude can be fun for your pup, it's also important to remember that dogs need boundaries and a sense of routine.

4. Working Hard for the Doggy Dream 

You're a hard worker, and sometimes that means long hours away from your pup. 

While you're hustling to provide the best life for your fur baby, remember to mute those Zoom calls to spare your coworkers from any ruff sounds. 

It's all about finding that balance between work and play for both you and your furry friend. 

After all, those happy wagging tails and snuggles are the ultimate reward for your hard work!

5. Netflix and Woof? 

You've spent countless hours snuggled up on the couch with your pup, binging the latest Netflix series. 

Sure, your dog may not understand the plot and might even snooze through it all, but there's something special about sharing these cozy moments together. 

Every dog is different; some may enjoy these cuddle sessions just as much as you do.

6. The Impromptu Doggie Chef

In the midst of your busy life, you might occasionally forget to stock up on dog food. 

Instead of rushing to the store, you find yourself channeling your inner chef and whipping up a meal for your fur baby from scratch. 

As a "bad" dog mom, you know you should have gone shopping earlier, but hey, at least your pup gets to enjoy a special homemade treat – and they'll probably love you even more for it!

7. The Late-Night Social Butterfly

Sometimes, you might be a bit of a social butterfly, enjoying late nights out with friends and maybe indulging in one too many drinks. 

While you're having a blast, your pup is waiting for your return. You might feel guilty for leaving them behind, but the excitement and joy they display when you finally walk through the door is something you cherish. 

As a "bad" dog mom, you know your fur baby's love remains unconditional, even during your late-night escapades.


So, are you a "bad" dog mom? Nah! You're just human, and there's always room for improvement. 

The most important thing is that you adore your fur baby and aim to give them the best life possible. 

Now, go give your pup a big hug and an extra treat. And treat them to some luxe HOTPOOCH accessories while you're at it!

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